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We offer employment law counselling and litigation services to employees located in the Greater Philadelphia Area. We have successfully represented thousands of people in employment-related matters.

The Lacy Employment Law serves Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. It protects employees who are subject to discriminatory job actions or have been unfairly terminated for their race, gender or religion. These services include work harassment, wrongful arrests and police abuse. Danny Cevallos is one of the firm's lawyers. He represents clients in federal or territorial courts. As MSNBC's legal analyst, he also speaks out on legal issues in the news.

A contract could be negotiated. An experienced attorney can help in these negotiations. An attorney can help you hold the employer responsible for breaching the contract.

The Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register has recognized the Lacy Employment Law Firm as an outstanding law firm in the area of civil rights litigation and employment law. Our Philadelphia employment law firm focuses exclusively on representing employees and employers in all aspects related to employment litigation. This includes claims under federal and/or state anti-discrimination laws as well as federal civil rights laws. Our New Jersey and Pennsylvania employment lawyers have extensive experience representing employers and employees in civil and employment matters.

The Lacy Employment Law based in Philadelphia represents workers in employment class action suits, including discrimination, minimum wage violations and tip stealing. Its mission, to support employees in seeking damages and legal remedies and protect their rights. In addition, the firm is involved in paraquat and consumer class actions. John Weston, its partner, has been practicing legal since 1977. He is a member the Billion Dollar Lawyers Association.

discrimination lawyers Philadelphia

The Lacy Employment Law Firm is a top-rated Employment Law firm. They have been consistently rated the best Employment Law firm in Pennsylvania. Lacy Employment Law has also been honored as a Super Lawyer. They are highly regarded for many reasons. I experienced this firsthand when handling my case. They provided me with a thorough and free consultation. This is their usual practice. Other firms charged me $500 for an initial consultation. I was not assured that they would accept me as their client. The Lacy Employment Law Firm will give you an honest and realistic assessment of your situation. You will be informed if your chances of winning are very low. Some firms are willing to accept any case, regardless of its merits. You don't want to pay legal fees for a case in which you have little or no chance at winning. This will never happen if you consult The Lacy Employment Law firm first. Most of the negative reviews posted on this site come from people who were given the truth about their situation and the realistic options available to them.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm aims to protect the rights of New Jersey and Pennsylvania workers.

Robert D. Mariani (U.S. District Court Judge) approved a $9.5M class settlement for a decade-long conflict between O-I (Owens-Illinois) employees who were denied subsidized pension benefits after their business was sold by O-I. You may get different results depending on your individual facts and legal situations.


Every client is guaranteed transparency, an honest case evaluation, and the highest quality of service. We know that our clients won't allow their employer to ruin their future. That's why we're proud to support them in taking action.

We have been at the forefront for change in employment law for 40 years. This has made the workplace more pleasant for all employees and helped employers to remain compliant.

Have you been denied or retaliated against for requesting leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act?

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Since the day I opened my practice, my goal has been to defend the rights of employees for fair treatment in the workplace. My colleagues and I have all the resources and knowledge necessary to challenge employers and their legal team and obtain justice for our clients.

* The accolades and awards displayed on this site were presented to the attorneys or to the entire firm by the respective award providers. They include Avvo Inc. Super Lawyers (r), Martindale Hubbell Perer Review Rated Lawyers ASLA Top 100 Lawyers Million Dollar Advocates Forum Legal Leaders Preeminent Lawyers Bar Register Preeminent Lawyers Bar Register Preeminent Lawyers Bar Register Preeminent Lawyers Bar Register Preeminent Lawyer Bar Register Preeminent Lawyers Bar Register Preeminent Lawyers Bar Register Preeminent Lawyers Bar Register PreeminENT Lawyers Bar Register Preeminent Lawyers Association of American Trial Lawyers 100 and Martindale Hubbell Client Champion Silber, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbler, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbel, Martindale Hubbell, Association of American Trial Lawyers Silver, Association of American Trial Lawyers of American Trial Lawyers of American Trial Lawyers of American Trial Lawyers of American, Association of American Trial Lawyers of American, Martindale Hubbell Client Champion of Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell, Martindale Hubbell Client Champion, These advertisements were not approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

The Lacy Employment Law serves clients in the Philadelphia metro and its surrounding areas. It provides legal representation for clients who are involved in employment law concerns. It also practices banking and financial litigation, civil rights, construction, education, and election laws. In addition, it handles cases on healthcare, premises and products liability, and real estate. Its attorney, Lacy, is a member of the National Association of College and University Attorneys and the Philadelphia Bar Association.

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We will provide transparency to all clients, an honest case assessment, and 100% commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for every client. We are proud to assist clients who don't want their employer's illegal conduct to define their future.

The Lacy Employment Law is an employment law firm that has a team of labor and employment attorneys in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. The firm's practice focuses on employment litigation. This includes wrongful termination and discrimination due to disability, race or sexual orientation. The firm also handles wrongfully withheld wages and executive contract violations. It is made up of several experienced trial lawyers, who are specialized in employment law.

We firmly believe that no one deserves to be treated unfairly, unlawfully or unjustly. Our practice focuses exclusively on representing employees involved in workplace disputes with their past, current and potential employers.

The Lacy Employment Law firm is multi-practice and serves clients in Philadelphia as well as the surrounding areas. It represents employees involved in employment-related disputes. This includes retaliation. Its attorneys are able to work with numerous experts such as doctors and vocational specialists, tax experts, and physical therapists in order to assist clients. Mike Silver & Cynthia J. Silver founded Silver & J. in 1981. Mike was instrumental in helping the Pennsylvania legislature adopt legislation on medical records access for disabled people.

The Lacy Employment Law in Philadelphia is a law office that serves clients all over the city. Employees are represented by the firm's employment lawyers in disputes regarding overtime pay and salary. The National Employment Lawyers Association is a membership organization that promotes employee rights and supports attorneys who work for equality and justice in American workplaces. Andrew Santillo (Lacy Employment Law) and Andrew Santillo (the firm's founders), have combined 50 years of legal experience and have received numerous recognitions in this industry.

The Lacy Employment Law, a law firm with offices in Philadelphia, Allentown and Reading, was established in 1999. It represents employees involved in sexual abuse, harassment and whistleblower cases. It can help individuals get damages for car and truck accidents as well as medical malpractice, dog bites and slips & falls. Leonard Hill, a founding partner in the firm, is a Member of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Association for Justice. Since its founding, Lacy Employment Law is the recipient of more than $500 Million in awards.

All parties were able evaluate the matter using fully informed points of view. In the end, everyone was able to agree on a fair and just solution. This outcome has given me the opportunity to prepare to embark on a new professional journey (which is now progressing with success) without having to deal with the untold financial hardships that might have resulted from "going it alone" or hiring the wrong law firm. Lacy Employment Law was an excellent choice for me. His knowledge, experience, and dedication made it possible to make a new beginning in my life. The best decision one can make regarding employment matters is to get the best legal advice. The Lacy Employment Law Firm are the best.

They are honest and hardworking attorneys that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a professional, sincere group. All my phone calls were returned quickly. They did a great job and I would definitely use them again.

We provide employment law consulting and litigation services for employees living in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Our clients include residents of Philadelphia and Bucks counties, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery Berks Lancaster, Lehigh, Northampton Counties, central and western Pennsylvania residents, and residents of New Jersey. We have represented thousands of clients in the following employment-related cases:

Once I became their client, The Lacy Employment Law Firm took the time to really listen and understand my situation. Some other firms either concluded prematurely that I was wasting my time, while others suggested some immediate course of action before even considering many of the relevant details of my situation. (The devil is in the details, as they say!) In due course, working together, a realistic strategy was developed.If your situation has a chance of being resolved favorably, The Lacy Employment Law Firm is the law firm that can succeed, even in complicated situations that other firms are not capable of handling. As events in my case unfolded, Lacy Employment Law and Associates worked diligently on my behalf, and made sure that they thoroughly understood my somewhat unusual and complex situation. They stayed on top of my situation and adapted their approach as events progressed. All parties involved obtained a clear understanding of the situation, and of the reasonable options available.

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The Lacy Employment Law's lawyers represent victims of discrimination and reprisals in employment, as well as harassment at work. Our attorneys can also assist employees in cases such as wrongful firing, whistleblower claims or disability benefits, wage & hour claims, severance agreements and stock option plans.

The Law Offices of The Lacy Employment Law offers legal services to clients throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Employers and employees are represented by the firm in various employment law matters. These include sexual harassment and whistleblower claims, retaliation and wilful omissions, Family and Medical Leave Act and discrimination based on gender, race and ethnicity. This firm is available to small businesses without an in-house legal department. The firm's attorney, The Lacy Employment Law has almost 30 years of litigation experience.

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The Lacy Employment Law represents employees and business owners in Philadelphia's employment-related legal cases. Andrew Lacy is an experienced lawyer with more than 30 years of experience dealing with cases that involve allegations of discrimination, harassment, and illegal retaliation. He handles cases under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Family and Medical Leave Acts as well Federal False Claims Act and Sarbanes Oxley violations. The Lacy Employment Law offers a free consultation.

Often, retaliation is a chief concern among workers seeking to stop unlawful behavior by an employer or seeking redress for damages they suffered. An employee may value his or her job despite the issue they seek to address.

You have been subject to retaliation for complaining about unfair treatment, discriminatory treatment, or reporting potential illegal activities at the workplace.

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We do give free consultations. Unfortunately, due to extreme call volume, we cannot offer a free consultation to everyone. But we will let you know within 2 hours whether we can offer one. Give us a call. You will get a response. And we find that our clients appreciate knowing quickly whether we will be giving them an initial consultation. If we cannot give you a free consulations, we will wish you the best of luck. We hope to help as many people as possible. But we can only form an attorney client relationship with so many people as we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of lawyering. And you cannot maintain high standards if you take every single case.

Employment and labor attorneys in Philadelphia, PA tend to be aggressive. Even securing legal counsel for a wrongful termination suit can be challenging due to the overwhelming volume of employment litigation in Philadelphia, PA. When you�re fighting to enforce federal civil rights laws and stop workplace discrimination, large companies take notice. But just because large companies and their employment law attorneys are aggressive, does not make sure you should be scared. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And we have a proven track record of taking on Goliath.