Surrey child custody lawyer

How to Get the Most from Your Divorce Lawyer in Surrey

This means being honest about all aspects of your situation so that they can properly advise you on potential outcomes and represent your best interests in court. If this is agreed upon by both parties, it may be possible to have an uncontested divorce with minimal time and expense involved! Another option is a Joint Petition which allows couples to file for divorce together instead of separately. The court will usually take into consideration any prenuptial agreements or (deeds). Afterall, you want someone who is experienced and (affordable!) to represent you during this difficult time. For example: the Family Law Act sets out guidelines for determining how much financial compensation a former partner may receive from their ex-spouse following separation or divorce. Word-of-mouth is usually a great source of information since people share their honest experiences with others when it comes to services like these. Collaborative attorneys work together with each of their clients through mediation or negotiation, rather than using aggressive tactics. Any asset obtained prior to the marriage or after separation remains under the ownership of its original owner. This includes things like houses, cars and savings accounts. First, start by asking family and friends if they can recommend any lawyers in your area. Transition: Despite their differences, all types of divorces share commonalities too... Make sure you understand what services you'll receive for your money as well as any additional costs or expenses associated with your case. Divorce Lawyer Surrey

Surrey child custody attorney